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Art + Music + Zine Party

20 Jan

Zine Fest Houston is on for May 21, 2011(which, coincidentally, is the same day some have predicted for the end of the world). We are still in the process of selecting a venue (due to the prediction of hellfire raining down from the heavens, we are looking to move indoors this time). Expect an announcement soon. Join our Facebook group to receive regular announcements or contact us:

In the meantime, Zine Fest is cohosting (along with Objectif and Music Heals) an Art+Zines+Music Party Thursday, January 27 at Khon’s (2808 Milam) from 6:30 pm to closing. Details below:

3Bubble / Ash (of Music Heals) / Another Run / Ceeplus Badknives / Chloe Stewart / GoREAlah Soul / ms. Sandy & ms. YET / Stephanie Saint Sanchez / Objectif Magazine / Music Heals / The Entertainicle / Khon’s