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Summertime news!

10 Jun

Announcement one: IT’S SUMMER! Everybody hide! If the rains don’t wash you away, you’ll be shriveled up by the sun! Be vigilant. The sun is watching each of us, individually, at all times…. 🙂

IN OTHER NEWS, we are VERY excited about the upcoming Fresh Arts Cultured Cocktail event (AND BINGO BINGO BINGO) this Thursday, June 12th from 5-7pm at Boheme! We’d love for you to join us, we’ve got a great evening planned with fabulous door prizes for those smiled upon by the bingo gods! Will it be you…!?

In other news, we’ll be having a volunteer meet n greet on July 2nd, 7:30pm at Lowbrow (1601 Main St.) Are you interested in being a part of ZFH? Do you have ideas for events you’d like to plan or help coordinate? Let’s all get together and share each others’ company and ideas! Be a part of the best ever ZFH!

meet n greet