ZFH Spotlight on: Deep Red Press!

4 Nov
Welcome back to our ZFH Spotlight On series! Today we get to know Raul Rodriguez with Deep Red Press out of Ft. Worth!
Tell us a little bit about yourself and Deep Red Press!
My name is Raul. I am an artist and photographer from Fort Worth, Texas. I graduated with a BFA in Photography from the University of North Texas College of Visual Arts and Design. Since then, I’ve been making zines, organizing my own zinefests and gallery exhibitions. My publishing project is Deep Red Press and is primarily a photo based publication working with photographers from Texas exploring diverse themes and stories.Below are my websites and an interview about some of my work, which I published under Deep Red Press.



How long have you been self-publishing, why does self-publishing appeal to you?
Its been about a year. I started with my first being Premier Boxing Club. My second book published book is Flatland by another artist I went to school with, Dannie Liebergot. I feel these two books really start to bring my whole goal across. My vision is to have several zine style photo books that showcase the people, land, ideas and identities that make us up. The name Deep Red comes from the political affiliation we are often tied to on the national scale; a deep republican state. Along with the books I use my platform to show other photographer’s work who I don’t have the ability to publish but just feature. I like to keep it active and continue the conversation about real lives and people in the state.
How did you first become interested in zines, can you remember the first zine you came in contact with?
Totally! It was an issue of Hamburger Eyes. I’m always looking at photographs, photo books and photozines. Hamburger eyes gave me the feeling that I could start a photo publication. Then I started following others like 8 Ball Zine Fest, Deadbeat Club, Ed Templeton and other photographers and artists who make zines. I think its a traditional process for every kind of artist. I don’t think it should be any less than a real art practice.
What other creative ventures/ interests do you have besides making zines?
I’m actually an independent curator. Since undergraduate school I’ve been organizing exhibitions and putting on shows for myself, colleagues and artspaces. This year, I officially owned that title by proposing, developing and programming an exhibition at Texas Christian University. It was a humbling experience since the artist is a mentor of mine, Lupita Murillo Tinnen, whose work deals with the complexities and lives of Immigrant Laborers living in the U.S. The show was followed up by a special talk titled Art, Anthropology and Activism that brought together these roles among the selected speakers. So as you can see, I’m very driven by political issues and social documentary topics that I think need more highlight and more attention. Not to mention photography is the driving force of my material and career. I think Deep Red Press has been the outcome of this all. I can publish, feature and showcase work I feel can tell these stories and ideas to different audiences.
What do you think the zine / comic / self-publishing scene will be like in 10 years?
I’ve found the internet to be a big tool in getting resources for self-publishing and following other indie publishers. I think zines will come along way in look and styles and self-publishing will be so accessible you’ll be able to realize any kind of book you can think of. The community will definitely grow but I don’t think anyone who gets into zines will ever forget or disregard the traditional methods of zine making. No big publishing source could compare pasting images into pieces of paper, scanning, and then folding, stapling and holding your own hand made xerox zine.
Thanks Raul!

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