ZFH Spotlight on: Vector

13 Nov

Today’s spotlight is on Vector: a zine for exploring the exchange between science and society. Their first issue is dedicated to genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.


Tell us a bit about who Vector is!

The Vector team is made up of Diego Cruz, Madeline Detelich and Monica Kortsha. We all live in Austin, Texas. An interest in science and science communication brought us all together. Diego and Monica met at a writing internship at the Texas Advanced Computing Center, and Monica and Madeline were introduced by a mutual science writer friend.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 5.22.10 PM.png

The tagline for Vector is magnitude, direction, infection. This recognizes the scientific definition of a vector in physics and biology, while summarizing how we want to explore science in our world. What are the impacts of a science or technology (and how do we impact it)? Where is it pushing us (and how are we pushing it?) How is it spreading and manifesting (and what is our role in that)?

 We’re very excited to be debuting our first issue at the Houston Zine Fest!


How long have you been self-publishing, why does self-publishing appeal to you?

 We’ve been working for Vector for about one year. We all have experience writing for other places, but this is the first attempt for all of us at self-publishing! It appeals to us because we can share what excites us all and tell the stories that we’re not seeing in other places. That means our zine can (and does!) have silkworms, Blade Runner, still lifes all together. 

 We also love seeing what contributors send us. We’re hoping to have more people send us content for future issues.


What are your favorite zines/mini-comics etc.?

  Monica really likes the Runciple Spoon. It’s a funny food zine with an awesome collage aesthetic. 

What other creative ventures/ interests do you have besides making zines?

Monica is obsessed with all things fleece and fiber related and spins yarn. Madeline brews beer and draws pictures of animals and Tejano musicians. Diego likes reading sci-fi and Star Wars comics.


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