ZFH Spotlight on: Brittney Anele

14 Nov

Happy Monday! Today we feature Brittney Anele, soft hearted aesthetics maven and fashionista. Read on for more!


My name is Brittney Anele, but casually I go by B. Anele. I am a 23 year old multidisciplinary artist based in Houston, TX. I am vegan, gender nonconforming, and always sleepy. I love cotton and felt, and I make a lot of soft sculptures of phallic foods. “FU/UBU” will be my first self-publishing experience and will showcase Houston artists AKA my friends. I want to share with as many people as possible how much passion lives in this city and the wonder within the work of my friends.



How long have you been self-publishing, why does self-publishing appeal to you?

This will be my first experience with self publishing. I have always been drawn to self publishing, because I believe in self empowerment through self expression. I have the power to put out the content that I desire to see in this world.

How did you first become interested in zines, can you remember the first zine you came in contact with?
The first time I saw a zine, I was in college. I somehow came across local zine Daddy Issues and completely fell in love. I never had many queer friends around that age, and here was this plethora of queer loving material, right at the palm of my hands, and from my city!
Tell us a little bit about your work and what inspires and motivates you!
Soft things inspire me. Wriggly things inspire me. Colorful things inspire me. I am motivated by the fact that I don’t know how to be happy without making art. Art is tangible love.
What new projects are you working on, will they be available at Zine Fest Houston?
Currently, I am working on garments. I actually have a fashion show coming up in December. I will probably bring a sample garment to Zine Fest just for display purposes.

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