About Us

Zine Fest Houston is an event dedicated to promoting zines, mini-comics, and other forms of small press, alternative and underground DIY media and art.

It is also a grassroots attempt to build the local zine, DIY, and alternative media scenes and form networks with media creators in other areas.

ADMISSION IS ALWAYS FREE and low cost table space is available for zinesters, writers, artists, distros and other individuals and groups involved in the creation, publication, distribution, or promotion of alternative media and DIY.

The festival is a new and different experience every time, offering a diverse new crop of zines and other projects every year (including many never before seen anywhere else) and other unique sights (such as a live chicken manning one of the exhibitor tables during our first festival).

The goal of the event is for attendees to discover new zines and be inspired to create their own DIY art and media projects.

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